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What are the advantages of linear motors?
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What are the advantages of linear motors?

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linear motors are mainly used in three aspects: first, they are used in automatic control systems, and there are many such applications; second, they are used as drive motors for long-term continuous operation; third, they are used to provide large linear motion in a short time and within a short distance. capable device.

  • What are the advantages of linear motors?

  • What are the reasons for choosing a linear motor?

  • Why are linear motors popular?

linear motor

What are the advantages of linear motors?

Compared with the rotary motor, the linear motor has the following characteristics: First, the structure is simple. Since the linear motor does not need additional devices to convert the rotary motion into a linear motion, the structure of the system itself is greatly simplified, and the weight and volume are greatly increased. Second, the positioning accuracy is high. Where linear motion is required, the linear motor can realize direct transmission, so various positioning errors caused by intermediate links can be eliminated, so the positioning accuracy is high. If microcomputer control is used, it can also be The positioning accuracy of the whole system is greatly improved; The third is fast response, high sensitivity and good follow-up.

What are the reasons for choosing a linear motor?

linear motors are easy to support the mover with magnetic suspension, so that the mover and the stator always maintain a certain air gap without contact, which eliminates the contact friction resistance between the stator and the mover, thus greatly improving the system. Sensitivity, rapidity and follow-up; Fourth, safe and reliable work and long life. The linear motor can realize non-contact transmission force, and the mechanical friction loss is almost zero, so there are few faults and maintenance-free, so the work is safe and reliable, and the service life is long.

Why are linear motors popular?

(1) The structure is simple. The tubular linear motor directly produces linear motion without an intermediate conversion mechanism, which greatly simplifies the structure, reduces the motion inertia, and greatly improves the dynamic response performance and positioning accuracy; at the same time, it also improves reliability, saves costs, and makes manufacturing and maintenance easier. easy. Its unique combination of primary and secondary levels that can directly become part of the institution further this advantage.

(2) Suitable for high-speed linear motion. Because there is no constraint of centrifugal force, ordinary materials can also achieve higher speeds. And if the air cushion or magnetic cushion is used to keep the gap between the primary and secondary stages, there will be no mechanical contact during movement, so there will be no friction and noise in the moving part. In this way, the transmission parts are not worn, which can greatly reduce the mechanical loss, avoid the noise caused by the tow cables, steel cables, gears and pulleys, etc., therefore improving the overall efficiency.

(3) The primary winding utilization rate is high. In tubular linear induction motors, the primary winding is pie-shaped and there are no end windings, resulting in high winding utilization.

(4) No lateral edge effect. The transverse effect refers to the weakening of the magnetic field at the boundary caused by the transverse interruption, while the cylindrical linear motor has no interruption in the transverse direction, so the magnetic field is also distributed along the circumferential direction.

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