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Energy saving technology
High-precision servo roller technology
Linear motion technology

Energy saving technology

M&D has been devoting oureslf to energy saving technology in order to make our customers not only benefit from the energy saving but also be more friendly to environment.

Through years of researches and improvements, our products including motorized rollers and linear motors are able to save much energy. Especially our servo rollers and synchronous permanent magnet linear motor, 
they can save 15% and up to 70% energy than our brushless roller and asynchronous linear motor.

Direct-driven technology

With electric motor and reduction gears built in the roller tube, traditional motorized rollers were always used for conveyor application. When it comes to sorter and some automation applications, it is not a proper solution anymore.
Direct-driven technology as a perfect soluton is able to provide a big output speed range, constant torque and big starting torque as well as short time response. Since there is no reuction gears inside the roller, direct-driven motorized roller will not jam or leak.
As the direct-driven technology improves and makes progress, it will push the limit to provide bigger and bigger output torque.

High-precision servo roller technology

Precision is more and more important for sorters, conveyors as well as automation applications. We spend plenty of time to improve the precision of roller so as to achieve a high-precision product in varies applications.

Take Cross belt sorter for example, high-precision servo roller is able to ensure all items in the right position when uploaded to carriers. This also ensures a excellent sorting accuracy rate.

Nowadays, our high-precision servo roller has become a very good alternative solution of traditional servo motor.

Linear motion technology

As the earliest and biggest linear motor supplier in the field of CBS in China, M&D has been focusing on linear motion technology for 9 years. Our least linear motion production-synchronous permanent magnet linear motor has been accepted by more and more local and international customers.

Compared to asynchronous linear motor, our synchronous permanent magnet linear motor is able to acheive same outcome in CBS but costs almost 70% less energy based our internal test datas. Running more quietly and stably enable it a very competitive linear motion product in local and international market.

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