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Who we are ?

Leading Supplier of Motorized Rollers and Linear Motors in Express and Logistics Industry

With headquarter in Taicang city, Jiangsu province, Motor and Drive was founded in 2013. At present, the Company has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Dalian and Taicang and has sales branches in Beijing, Suzhou, and Shenyang. The Company is committed to the R & D and production of motorized rollers, linear motors, controllers for various industries such as express, airport, food and beverage, automation etc. At present, M&D has become the biggest supplier of motorized roller and linear motor in the field of express and logistics.
Leading Supplier of Motorized Rollers and Linear Motors in Express and Logistics Industry
90副本Leading Supplier of Motorized Rollers and Linear Motors in Express and Logistics Industry
Leading Supplier of Motorized Rollers and Linear Motors in Express and Logistics Industry

What we do

Diverse Functions and Global Reach in Logistics and Beyond

The Company has all-around functions of R & D, production, sales, and technical services. The products are accepted and used for project from SF Holding, China Post, JD, VIP Shop, YUNDA Express, STO Express, and other well-known logistics enterprises. At the same time, the Company’s products are also used in other industries and have been exported to foreign customers of logistics

Our product

Global Expansion and Industry Diversification: Strengthening Market Presence and Innovation Initiatives for Future Growth

The products are applied to well-known foreign logistics companies, including Amazon, Indian Post, Korean Postal Service, and so on. The export business has increased year after year. While deepening logistics intelligent equipment, the Company has also vigorously invested R & D resources for the exploration of related industries, and has received sound feedback, and plans to realize the comprehensive promotion of new fields in the next three years.

Our history

Our History Unfolding: Tracing the Evolution and Milestones of Our Journey Through Time and Achievements
  • 2013
    M&D was founded and delivered the brushless roller to project of SF holding.
  • 2014
    A new structure of linear motor was successfully developed. M&D became the first qualified supplier of brushless roller and linear motor for cross belt sorter from SF holding.
  • 2015
    The products of M&D were widely applied in SF holding, JD, Best Express and other customers in express industry.
  • 2016
    M&D became the biggest supplier of brushless rollers and linear motors in express industry of China. We also had a milestone of delivering 20 thousand motorized rollers in 2016.
  • 2017
    M&D successfully developed servo roller and delivered to CBS project from China post and started to serve and deliver products to international customers.
  • 2018
    A new servo roller was launched for CBS of light load with competitive cost. Another new product called Smart Roller was launched for wheel sorter and was accepted by the market quickly.
  • 2020
    The headquarter of M&D was founded in Taicang city and three sales offices were founded as well.

Enterprise team

Motor and Drive's Evolution: From a Startup Founded by Mr. Kevin Wang to a Globally Recognized Company with a Diverse Team of Talented Professionals from Leading International Corporations.

Motor and Drive was set up by the founder Mr. Kevin Wang and the original R&D team consisted of few professional motor engineers who all came from international companies such as Panasonic and SANYO and Danfoss. As company performs better and acquires more customers locally and internationally, more and more talented people join us to make us a complete and ambitious company in aspects of R&D, production, service, sales and management etc.


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