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From Cross-Belt Sorter driven by servo power roller,our products offer a wide range of efficient and essential solutions for various industries. From induct machines driven by servo motors to accurate DWS dimensioning systems, we provide the tools needed for seamless operations in transportation, sorting, and more.

  • Induct
    Induct:Induct is a key machine for CBS and was driven by servo motor. Our AC servo roller is able to function as same as servo motor and is regarded as a very good alternative solution. Read More
  • Roller conveyor
    Roller conveyor: Roller conveyor is a very important machine to transport goods for intralogistics. Direct-driven motorized is able to perform as same as traditional rollers which has gears inside. Read More
  • Cross belt sorter (CBS)
    Crossbelt sorters as the most cost-effective sorting machine can quickly and reliably sort and transport goods. It has been used in a wide range of areas for many years. Since we delivered the first batch of direct-driven motorized rollers to our local customers to replace servo motor, carriers of c Read More
  • Wheel sorter
    The most important part of traditional wheel sorter was PU idlers or wheels which were assembled on top and driven by geared motor or electric motor etc. The efficiency was low because it often gets broken. Since we started to provided “smart roller” to wheel sorter, it dramatically increases the ef Read More
  • DWS
    DWSA DWS (dimensioning, weighing and scanning) system is the most accurate solution to acquire all the specific parcel Data. This system measures precisely the dimensions and the weight and automatically scans the barcode of a package. Our AC servo roller is a perfect drive solution in terms of high Read More
  • Belt conveyor
    Belt conveyor is a very important machine to transport goods on site. it was driven by geared motor geared roller. Compared to traditional drive solutions, direct-driven motorized roller has smaller output torque but is able to provide wide output speed range and constant torque. What’s more, it wil Read More

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