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Cross belt sorter (CBS)

Cross belt sorter (CBS)

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Crossbelt sorters as the most cost-effective sorting machine can quickly and reliably sort and transport goods. It has been used in a wide range of areas for many years.

Since we delivered the first batch of direct-driven motorized rollers to our local customers to replace servo motor, carriers of cross belt sorter became thinner and cost got lower, while the performance remained same. Nowadays, our direct-driven motorized roller has been widely used in crossbelt sorter not only in China but also abroad.

1.1 Horizontal CBS: Horizontal CBS is widely used in most middle and large site and runs in a flat loop to handle goods.

1.2 Vertical CBS: vertical CBS is usually smaller and has less carriers than Horizontal CBS. It runs in a vertical loop and takes up much less area than horizontal CBS so that it is a good solution for small site.


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